Digital Religion Reading List

Are you interested in the field of Digital Religion studies? Here some resources I put together

A tablet and a smartphone with religious images

Excel List

I looked one day at my Zotero and I noticed I had 200+ articles and books on the topic.

Therefore, I decided to create a nice Excel document with all these readings, and to make it more easily searchable I also added some filtering options.

Different excel sheets also include research centers and journals interested in Digital Religion

Digital Religion Reading List

Compiled with the precious help of Antonio Salvati

This reading list is far from perfect and complete: if you notice mistakes or if your work is missing, please contact me at evolvi[at] or on Twitter at @giuliaevolvi. And please DO self-promote, I want this list to be as complete as possible and I want to get in contact with other people working on Digital Religion


In case you are interested in knowing more about the field of Digital Religion and you feel the list is too intimidating, here’s articles I wrote (or co-wrote) summarizing the main literature on the field

  • Campbell, H. A., & Evolvi, G. (2019). Contextualizing current digital religion research on emerging technologies. Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, 0(0).

Also, if you download the reading list and/or the article and find them useful, please let me know!