Videos & Podcasts

Spreading academic works sometimes goes beyond just writing articles.

Therefore, even if I do not particularly love my voice, I decided to get my work out there in different formats (also, sometimes I don’t have money/time to go to conferences, or global pandemics happen, so I do video presentations). Here some links to my recent works.


“The Church Never Closed”: Digital Religion, Space, and Materiality

This is my very first international keynote speech, for the ESA RN-34 Sociology of Religion conference that was going to happen in Groningen before COVID happened, as I explain here. In the presentation, I explain why the study of digital religion needs to take into account space and materiality to account for today’s digital practices

The Mediterranean Border: Migration and Populism in Matteo Salvini’s Islamophobic Tweets

This is a presentation done the Imagined Borders, Epistemic Freedoms at the University of Colorado Boulder, organized by my favorite CMRC people. Looking at far-right Islamophobic and anti-migrant tweets, I reflect on the fact that the Mediterranean Sea has historically be considered as a place of encounters and communication, and only recently became a “border” that allegedly protects Europe for the Muslim and the migrant “other”

Islamophobia on Twitter: Antagonistic Anti-Muslim Narratives About Brexit and Migration

This presentation took place at the American Academy of Religion Conference in San Diego. I present my work on Islamophobia through two case studies, showing how Twitter can, in some cases, create a fertile environment for hate speech. More in detail here

Religion and (hyper)mediated Spaces

I delivered this presentation at the Autumn School “Approaching Religion at the intersection of culture, society, language, and politics” at University of Mashhad, Iran. I took this as an occasion to talk about the theory of hypermediation using the example of anti-gender groups in Italy and France. More here


“The religion and media expert” the IIA’s Podcast

I have been contacted to discuss fake news in relation to my work on Islamophobia and online hate speech at the University of Birmingham in March 2020. Spoiler alert: COVID happened and this exciting opportunity was canceled. However, organizer Charlotte Galpin invited me for a very interesting conversation for the podcast of the Institute of International Affairs of the University of Iceland, as part of a network of scholars that look at these topics. I enjoyed doing the podcast a lot (plus, they called me “the religion and media expert” which definitely made my happy), and I also warmly recommend the other episodes. 


Ep 96 “Blogging my Religion” and media with Dr. Giulia Evolvi 

I had a great time talking with Greg about my book, my work, and my research interest. This also lead to a trip to the Niagara Falls, but that’s another story. I also recommend everybody interesting in religion to listen to The Classical Ideas Podcast. More information on the podcast here

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