Hypermediation: Approaching Religion in Iran

“Once again, I arrived at my usual conclusion: one must educate oneself.”
― Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

Recently, I was very glad to be invited by my colleague Rasool Akbari as speaker at the Autumn School “Approaching Religion at the intersection of culture, society, language, and politics” at University of Mashhad, Iran.



This is the program of the Autumn School. I only can read half of it but I trust all the things are nice and positive

Before you start wondering what beautiful places I visited in Iran, it actually wasn’t possible for me to go in person. However, one of the best characteristics of our age and time is media technology, so I created a video of my presentation that was shown to the students. The video can be found at this link:

Giulia Evolvi Religion and Media Video

The video became also a way to talk about hypermediation, which was the topic of the talk. Connecting on Skype with the students was an occasion to reflect on the interconnectedness of the present media moment, where media help shrink the notions of space and time.

In the video, I talk about the theory of hypermediation as elaborated in my book, and I use as example the anti-gender movements in Europe. This is also the topic of an article I am currently writing so, even if I always feel ashamed when people listen to my voice (as I explained elsewhere), I decided to post the video here and everybody is more than welcome to offer feedback or suggestions. Here below a list of references that inform my theoretical approach and that I mention in the video

Evolvi Hypermediation References

With the hope, one day, to be able to actually go to Iran in person to deliver my Autumn school speeches.



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